Thursday, July 2, 2009


I have found that giveaways tend to generate the most traffic to the site and exposure to the products and services themselves. Giveaways are heavily promoted using sites like and a network of like-minded blogs and websites, therefore they are sure to generated the most exposure. Furthermore, while my reader's respect my honest reviews and opinions, there is nothing like an opportunity to try the products themselves.

While optional, I suggest a giveaway run along with the published article, beginning at the time the article is published, for a period of two weeks. Generally one item, similar or identical to that which is being reviewed, should suffice. However, if you would like to have multiple winners selected, I can facilitate that as well. Once the contest period has ended, a winner will be randomly selected via Once I have notified te winner and received their contact information, I will forward their information to you for shipping.

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